The Human of Emotions

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Haven’t been on here in so long.

So first offs, Happy New Year! 

And here goes my attempt at writing xD

The Human of Emotions. 

It’s been a while said Sadness to Hope, as they looked down upon their human being.

“She obviously hasn’t been doing well and that’s the only reason you’re here. But once I grow stronger, you’ll disappear,” replied Hope in a snide manner.

“You don’t get it, it’s been a while since I’ve had the company of bright and cheerful things. It’s been quite mundane up here with only Depression and Insecurity, no matter how great of friends we are,” Sadness tried to explain. “It’s no fun being the overpowering emotion and gets so lonely at times,” he finished.

“I’m different. I couldn’t care if there were any other emotions because I’m strong enough to be alone. Those nightmares of isolation don’t haunt me. So go on, disappear! And then see if it matters to me.”

“Those humans down there, they’ve got it so wrong. They think you’re a beautiful specimen; they look up to you but they don’t realise that you, Hope, are a bitch. You give them something to believe in and then just as quickly it’s taken away from them. You lift them up, just so that you can tear them down. It’s quite amusing to watch if it didn’t involve me. Every single time that they lose hope, they turn to me, Sadness. And while I’m all for being the most important emotion in a person’s life, I’m only important because YOU let them down. YOU think you can exist alone without any other emotion for company, you haven’t been isolated yet,” ranted Sadness

Hope laughed, a beautiful, musical one yet it sounded so cruel to Sadness. She stared at him with her warm eyes but all Sadness could see was the coldness behind the façade of warmth. She then spoke in her musical voice, “It’s not every day that I see you caring about the emotions of humans, it’s actually a sight to see. You think I’m a bitch? Have you ever looked at yourself though? I at least give those humans something to live for, all you do is make them contemplate Death. “

“Well at least I’m realistic,” replied Death in a calm manner.

Before Hope could speak again, both of their bodies flickered and then they disappeared off the face of the world. Just like their human.


That’s about it 🙂

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Till the next time,

A Slightly Sick Young Adult. 



The Perfect Storm

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Hey guys,

So I’m officially on vacation (finally after a couple of months of sleep deprivation and anxiety). Anyway, here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago. Let me know what you think of it 🙂

The Perfect Storm

Won’t be gone for long,

Won’t let you down,

I’ll be there for you,

She thought back to all the lies she’d been told.

Don’t depend on others,

Don’t think of those people,

They aren’t going to come back,

Her mind gave her the sage advice.

Create the perfect storm,

Draw them back in,

Make them want you no matter what it takes,

She listened intently to what her heart had to say.

As the two raged a battle,

She curled up in a ball,

Took too many pills

And instead flew away to another world.

So that’s about it 🙂

Song of the Day: *slightly obsessed with this song.. not going to lie. 

That’s about it for now,

A Happy That The First Semester Is Over Teenager/Adult 

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Hey guys!

So, since I have my end sem exams going on, I decided to procrastinate and this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think of it

A Better Place.

Drained out, eyes shut

Imagined himself in a better place

Tiny holes in his hand

From where the needles pricked his skin

Dark rooms, strangers everywhere

Wanted isolation, took a trip to another world

Cried out, hated and was confused by that place

Blue and red lights stormed into the scene

Woke up on a plain white bed

Took some time, healed himself

Thought of the world as a beautiful place

Then thunder struck, life came his way

And he dealt with it in the way he knew best

 And he pricked his skin with needles once again.

And that’s about it 🙂 

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Since I need to go back to study (unfortunately), 

Till next time 🙂

And I’m going to start blogging pretty regularly because I’ll have a huge break for about two months, so there’s that!

Okay, that’s about it.

See ya,

A Slightly Bored of Studying (Adult?)


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How’s University Going?

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Hey there!

I haven’t been on here forever and it’s completely my fault. I haven’t had the time to do much of anything really.. 

Law school makes sure there’s some assignment or project or test which counts for a massive percentage of our grade almost every other day.. 

Writing has sort of become a pain, almost a chore and while I might not like that, there’s also not much I can do about that. Not to mention, I’ve had the most severe writers’ block I’ve ever had. 

But I think I’m finally over that phase in life. I’ve been working on this assignment of mine, an academic essay and it deals with myths and literature and I’m super excited to be doing that. 

I get asked “how’s university going” a lot by people back home who are going to colleges in the same time. And I can’t tell them how it’s really going because I can’t put it into words. It’s honestly like a roller coaster. The moment you think you’re doing okay, you realise you’re really not. Sure, it’s a ton of fun at times and then on the other hand, it can get pretty depressing. Also, you see the same people and hang out with them almost all day long and you get really close to them. But that at the same time is unfortunate because you get on each other’s nerves and that leads to massive fall outs (not that it’s happened to me, yet). University is sort of like a paradox. It’s fun but at the same time you miss the people back home (and the FOOD). I’ve made a bunch of friends here and honestly, college has been fun so far (sort of?) I mean I have an existential crisis almost every other day (sometimes I have several in one day) but that passes by quite fast. 

Anyway, our first semester is almost coming to an end, which is sort of insane because time really flies. It’s like I’ve been living in this bubble and now that I’m going back home for a short visit,  the real world is going to hit me!  

I decided to randomly post on here because that’s what I do when I just need to write to take some of the stress off. I had a ton of plans for this blog and I still do, it’s just going to take way longer than I first anticipated. I’m not saying law school gets easier but now I’m sort of used to the entire college schedule and I can work around that. 

OH and if you’ve been on my blog before and you know who P is, it’s her 18th birthday today!! If you don’t know who she is, she’s one of my closest friends 🙂

Also, random update: I finished watching Stranger Things 🙂 It’s quite a nice T.V. show

Okay so lastly, I’m going to start posting again, this I’m sure of.

Song of the Day:  Halsey is brilliant. 


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Till next time,

A Tired of Doing Assignments Teenager. 


A Teenagers Writing: During Breaks

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Hey guys,

I stopped writing these because well, I just wasn’t up to it for a while. Anyway, I hope you guys like it 🙂 And let me know what you thought of it. Also, this is a filler one so it’s incredibly short. 

During Breaks

I heard the crunching sound of the gravel and looked up from my sandwich to see him as he came to a halt next to “our” bench. It hadn’t been our bench since the last time we’d spoken. He had taken a few days off, for one of those trips I suppose. He just stood there, not uttering a word. Sick of the silence, I said “Hi” but it came out more like a question. He smiled a little and replied with a soft “hey”. I guess he was finally sick of standing because he sat down next to me. The silence ensued once more and just to break it, I asked him what he’d been up to since we had last spoken.

“I went on a road trip. I needed some time to rediscover myself. Feeling broken and thinking there’s nothing you can do about it is one of the worst feelings someone could possibly have. I went to these tiny restaurants and jammed with street musicians just to feel alive again. And you know what? I started feeling more like myself each time I played. It’s taken me while to realise that the person I had become was not the person I had always wanted to be.The things I learnt from these incredible artists who live music each day of their lives really wakes you up, their energy is contagious. There’s so much that they teach you while you play with them, not just about music, but about life. I met people from various backgrounds and it was incredible to see that music brought them together. I’d become almost aimless and doing this made me feel like I’m heading in some direction again. And it’s okay to not be heading in the same direction that you were heading towards when you started out because everything changes you. And I think I’m finally okay with myself. Anyway, how’s life been on your end? Still being the model citizen of the world?”

I started to reply but was cut off by the sound of our supervisor telling us that our short break was over. “There’s always the next break”, I said. 


So that’s about it! 

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Till the next time,

A Slightly Sleepy Teenager.


A Teenagers Writing: The Girl’s Light

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So this is one of the poems I wrote really recently. Let me know if you liked it and if you have any constructive criticism, let me know 🙂

The Girl’s Light ©2016

The room was engulfed in darkness,

Filled with voices that had no bodies.

Then a sliver of light brightened the room

And there she stood, commanding attention

She walked and the light followed her every move

The voices had fallen silent and seemed to cower

Their fear of the light made her stronger

And it made the room brighter than ever before

Until one of the voices began to incite the others

And one by one, the whispers began once again

And they grew louder, turning into shrieks

The girl and her light began to move away

And just as suddenly as it was lit, it went out. 


Today’s Song: MAX is brilliant. 

So yeah,

That’s about it for today’s post. I haven’t really been posting lately because the first two weeks of university have been really hectic xD 

P.S. They’re putting up this Harry Potter Carnival which I’m stoked about 🙂 

Anyway, I know I’ve been writing this in the recent posts (which really aren’t all that recent) but I’ll start posting regularly 

Till the next time,

A Sort of Busy Teenager. 

Also, I’m going to refer to myself as a “teenager” because well, I don’t feel like “adulting”. Not on this blog at least. 


A Teenagers Take on Turning 18 and all that.

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Hey there!

I’ve become terrible at blogging on time and the only excuse I have is that I’m leaving for college soon and, yeah, that’s about it XD

Anyway, last month I turned 18 (it’s the 1st of July here) and it was a pretty eventful day. I actually gave an entrance exam on my birthday which means I had to wake up at six in the morning and go write a paper for no real reason (I’ve already gotten into the college of my choice). But my friends surprised me by coming to my place at 12 in the night (or in the morning, I’ve never figured that out) and then a bunch of them threw me a surprise party later in the day, which was pretty amazing of them!

So yeah, I’m finally 18! To be honest, it’s not much different than being 17 or 16. I mean the only differences are that I can vote (but I’m not going to have to do that for another couple of years) and that I can drive (still haven’t learnt how to, so that’s not happening anytime soon either). I don’t know how 19 feels like yet, but when I get there, I’ll let you know how that goes XD 

Oh and I officially moved to college last Saturday and I’ve been living in the dorms for about a week now. Classes start from Monday, so I’m looking forward to that (there’s only so much you can take of the campus XD) So I’m going to stick to my Monday weekly posts from next week  and I’ll try being punctual. (I said this the last time around as well).

So I guess that’s it for now.

Song of the Day: (I’m slightly addicted to this song right now)


Till the next time,

A College Going Teenager.

A Teenagers Take on Life #2

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Hey guys,

So the last time I posted (which was almost a month ago), I was in a bad state of mind. And it didn’t get better for a couple of weeks after that so I decided not to post. I never wanted this blog to showcase any negativity and I just decided that I’d post when I was okay with what I wrote. Also, I’ve been giving lots of entrance exams for colleges and that’s been hectic. 

It’s really scary with college admissions because you have no clue about where you’re going to go and it’s super stressful. Over here, our admissions start only after our 12th grade results come out, which means they’re going to begin in pretty soon. We also have entrance exams for a couple of programs. So I’ve been giving the entrance exams for law. 

And then we had the first entrance exam results come out even before I’d given the last exam. The good news is that after all that time studying and not really having a life, I’ve gotten into the college I wanted to go to 🙂

It’s been a crazy ride with multiple breakdowns and I’m just really glad that it’s all over. And it’s good to know that it wasn’t all in vain. I’m going to try and be super regular about my posts from now on because I have about two months before I leave for college and I really have no excuse for not posting 😀

Anyway, let me what’s happening with you and what I’ve missed on here as well because I tried going through all the posts I’ve missed and there’s a ton XD

Song of the Day:



Till next time,

A Really Excited About College Teenager.

I’m Done.

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Hey guys

I know I haven’t posted in a week and I’m sorry about that but last week was pretty hectic. 

So I recently got the results for my final exams and I got a 90% which is all fine and everything. However, I realised that someone who hadn’t studied for the entire two years got a 95% while I slogged my back off preparing for the exams. I’m not even exaggerating, she flunked a subject like two times out of the three prep papers that we had to give during Grade 12. It’s just so unfair that it turned out this way because people who really worked hard and did everything correctly have nothing to show for it but people who basically did absolutely nothing get ahead. Now this means that this particular person has a better chance of getting into the top colleges than I do which is really what makes me upset. The fact that a seat in a top college is going to someone who doesn’t even understand the importance of college because this particular person has no aspirations at all which is another thing that really gets to me.  I’ve actually tried speaking to her on more than one occasion and if it has nothing to do with “hair or make-up”, there can be no conversation, I’ve realised.  I don’t want to turn this into a whole hate-post but I’m sure it’s going to sound that way anyway. 

It’s been a really frustrating week and I think I’ve broken down too many times to remember in the last couple of days. I even scared my younger brother because he walked in on a major breakdown. I guess, I’m just really done with life in general. I mean, it’s so incredibly unfair. 

And I know I sound like a whiny a-hole who just complains about not getting what she deserves and I’m definitely  that right now but there’s nothing I can do about it. Also, I’m probably going to delete this post after a while because I don’t want to remember this phase later when I come back and read my old posts. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m posting this other than the fact that I need to get it off my chest. I’m sure life has been very unfair to other people and the things they’ve been dealt with are much bigger but right now I can’t even look at the good things in life. 

That’s it, really. This post wasn’t supposed to quite turn out this way but oh well. Also, I’m sorry if this sounds a lot like a hate post because I didn’t want it to sound like that, I’m just angry and frustrated with the entire education system and not just that single girl I spoke about. And, I’m not normally this whiny or conceited, talking about what I deserve is not really what I do. 

I’ll be back to normal next week so there’ll be fun posts again.

Again, I’m sure I’m going to delete this post sometime later. 


Song of the Day( I’m posting the same song but one’s the official version with dolls and the other one’s just lyrics):



Till next time,

An Annoyed Teenager.


A Teenagers Writing: Darkness

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Hey guys!


This is just one of the poems I’d written a short while ago and I’d love any feedback on it 🙂 It’s sort of the second part of my poem Silhouettes, which if you haven’t read, you can read right here



Darkness ©2016


She watched as the smoke engulfed Them,

She was free at last yet felt so alone.

For They had been there right beside her,

Through all the pain They had caused her.

It was truly ironic that she missed Them

Those who had broken her wings and chained her.

Those who had shattered her will into tiny fragments.

She used to be part of something,

No matter how much she detested it.

She walked the streets now alone,

With no power to prove her worth.

They had slowly become her pillars,

They, whom she had once detested. 

She looked around to see the pure creatures,

And realised that she could never go back in time,

She could never become who she was before.

She had become a part of Them,

And was now inseparable from everything They had stood for.

No one would ever look at her as an innocent,

But as a member of something that they detested.

She had no where to go for They didn’t need her anymore,

And the pure creatures shrunk away from her.

She had truly fallen from grace,

And so she kept walking, into the everlasting darkness.


And that’s it 🙂 If you liked it let me know and if you thought some things could be changed, let me know that as well by either commenting or emailing me at Remember, the feedback always helps!

Also, if there’s any post you think I should do, let me know that as well 🙂

Song of the Day ( I actually asked His Dream of Lions if I could use their song on my blog and they said YES!:) ): 


Till next time, 

A Suddenly Poetic Teenager